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We provide the latest in Persian Entertainment, Persian Music Videos, Persian TV Shows, Persian Movies, MP3s, Events, News, Photos, and

Earth in 1000 Years

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This edition of COSMIC JOURNEYS explores the still unfolding story of Earth's past and the light it sheds on the

The Cove

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Using state-of-the-art equipment, a group of activists, led by renowned dolphin trainer Ric O'Barry, infiltrate a cove near Taijii, Japan

National Geographic Weirdest Planets – HD Documentary

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What type of planets have we discovered? This video shows us just how alien some of these planets are!

Alien Craft Propulsion Systems, Levitation, Teleportation & Lightspeed Travel Prt 1

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Using real science, this episode takes a look into the possible theories of how alien craft could operate -- from

The Lazarus Phenomenon (Near Death Full Documentary HD)

3.13K Views0 Comments Lazarus Phenomenon examines two true life documented accounts of men from different parts of

Star Trek Secrets of the Universe

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Behind the scenes footage of the making of Into Darkness, as well as clips from the movie not seen in

House on Little Cubes by Kunio Katô

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More at

Sexy Thing by Denie Pentecost

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Miracle Fish

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Oscar nominated short film written and directed by Luke Doolan.Produced by Drew Bailey.


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The Director of SIGNS has his first feature film, Red Hill Check it out:


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CHECKPOINT is an 11 minute short film from Ben Phelps (Writer/ Director/ Producer) and Tim Kreibig (Producer).Featuring Rodney

Terry Tate Office Linebacker

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Terry Tate Office Linebacker from the 2003 SuperbowlFor more Terry Tate videos check out my videos!

National Geographic: Hubbles Amazing Universe

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National Geographic: Hubbles Amazing UniverseResponsible for unlocking many mysteries of the final frontier, the most renowned telescope in

Electric Sheep in HD (2-hour 1080p Fractal Animation)

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Electric Sheep in HD is an high-definition rendering from the Electric Sheep project by Scott Draves.You can find

Journey Through Space Vibrant HD

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A marvellous, more than an hour Vibrant Journey through Space with a paranormal view of the Planet's and our beautiful

StarGaze – Universal Beauty 1080p HD

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Full length Video: 19,2:Der Himmel erzählt die Herrlichkeit Gottes, und das Himmelsgewölbe verkündet

Imax Mummies – Secrets Of The Pharaohs – (HD)

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IMAX – Bears 720p

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